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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Around Virginia - Where to Use Your Medical Card

How it works:

After receiving a recommendation from your physician, you will have an initial consultation with one of our licensed pharmacists. They’ll take time to get to know about what’s going on in order for them to help determine if this product would work best for you!

These recommendations include:

  • A brief overview of product types
  • Ways to consume the product
  • Recommended dosages
  • Potential drug interactions

How Can I Get an Access to Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy has created a system for medical marijuana to be distributed and dispensed in five zones across the state. Each zone will have its own pharmaceutical processor, providing patients throughout Virginia easy access!

At TeleLeaf Virginia, you can now get approved for a medical marijuana card through telemedicine! Telemed allows the customer to have their appointment right in their own home.

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